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Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting uses various media to strip paint, rust, oils, and contaminants from surfaces. It is an important step as it cleans the substrate and creates a surface ready for coating, and with large 24ft by 80ft bays, we can tackle any job.

We are proud to offer on-site sandblasting for your convenience.

We blast with


We use fresh virgin sand for all projects and never reuse the sand. This prevents paint “chips” from embedding into the steel, which would be apparent later when coating.


This method is most commonly used for prepping raw metal substrates.

SODA (sodium bicarbonate)

This milder form of abrasive blasting is effective in various applications.

It cleans and deodorizes without causing damage to the surfaces being cleaned.

Varnish Stripping
Automotive Restoration
Rust Removal
Masonry Cleaning
Soot Remediation
Boat Hull Cleaning
Fire/Smoke Damage Cleanup


This method is an environmentally friendly, water soluble, pH neutral level, non-sparking substance.

This media is not as aggressive as silica sand or steel grit but 2-3 times more effective than soda. It will leave a slight increase in substrate profile without pitting the metal.

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Pressure Washing

This alternative application of degreaser and iron phosphate created a grease-free surface, a corrosion-inhibiting base for paint and a nonconducting bond between the base metal and the paint.