Precision, care and attention to detail is what we are all about.

We have been in the industrial field in one aspect or another for over 35 years.

We’ve learned that nothing says who you are better than the kind of work you do. Established in 2013, and centrally located in Winkler MB, just off the main shipping route, our commitment to serving our clients shows in our high-quality finishes and excellent service.

We believe that with experience, product quality and top of the line equipment, we will produce the best finished product.

Working with top quality powder suppliers like Cloverdale, Axalta, PPG, Tiger, and Sherwin (to name a few), allows us to meet and exceed all of your powder coating needs.


Our facilities boast one of the largest commercially available oven capacities in our area, and with our abrasive blasting services, we’re truly a one stop shop!

We’re dedicated to meeting our customers production needs and schedules.

Nothing says who we are better than the work we do.

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